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Why I Created

I've consulted with printers throughout North America and they all suffer from improperly prepared customer files. They lack an effective way to communicate file preparation guidelines.

I knew this was a problem I could do something about. I've been writing file preparation guidelines for printers since 1990 and I wrote the first DM/Standards in 1994.

Printers with DM/Standards have fewer problem disks and higher productivity. The designers I talk to say they'd rather do business with a printer that tells them how to prepare their files rather than one that makes them guess.

It's one of those great situations where everybody wins!

-John Knapp, President
Binary Graphics, Inc.



For the good of
the printing industry

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Digital Mechanical Standards™
Increases Prepress Profits at the Commercial Printing Plant

DM/Standards is comprehensive, easy to understand and follow. It's structure follows desktop production and each guideline is numbered to simplify customer communication.
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Explaining how to prepare trouble-free desktop files, DM/Standards are file preparation guidelines you offer your customers via your website. Hosted on our servers and kept current by our staff, DM/Standards covers all types of work and you can customize it to meet your needs. When your customers follow these easy-to-use guidelines, problems go down, profits go up and everybody comes out way ahead!

Printers speak out for DM/Standards!

“DM/Standards saves us time & money! We have our customers follow the guidelines and their jobs run easily through our prepress department!”

-Keith Stoner, Prepress Manager, Hemlock Printers

Digital Mechanical Standards can save time and money for your plant too. But don't take our word for it, take our 10 day RISK FREE trial!

About the 10 Day RISK FREE Trial -
We know you'll like what DM/Standards does for your business so we offer a 10 day FREE trial. Subscribe right now and take 10 days to try DM/Standards. If you don't like it, just cancel and you won't pay a dime! There's no risk so go ahead!


How it Works -
DM/Standards is sold on a subscription basis. Subscribing printers simply add a link to their website and their customers use the guidelines by clicking the link. Binary Graphics hosts and maintains DM/Standards so subscribers always have up-to-the-minute file preparation guidelines. It's fast, simple and effective!

DM/Standards is Right For Your Business -
Binary Graphics has worked hard to create file preparation guidelines worthy of being called a standard. DM/Standards is valid for both Windows and Macintosh users and covers all professional illustration, imaging and layout software programs. It provides guidelines for all types of publications from business cards to catalogs and packaging. It is suitable for all types of printing from simple one or two color work all the way to CMYK+PMS.

You Can Customize DM/Standards! -
While Binary Graphics makes sure the guidelines are kept current, subscribers can easily edit the guidelines to match their production environment and workflow. Even the splash page can be customized to match the rest of the printers website.

You Don't Have Time For Problem Files! - With today's tight deadlines, there's no time to fix problems so printers need to eliminate them before they get to prepress. With DM/Standards, customers learn how to prepare their files and their jobs fly though prepress. Getting it right the first time means less wasted time and money and more productivity and profits!

You Can Make More Accurate Prepress Estimates -
Printers have a problem estimating prepress when they have to guess about the files the customer will submit. With DM/Standards, printers can make safe assumptions about incoming materials which makes estimation much easier and more accurate. Binary Graphics recommends making estimates contingent on the customer following the guidelines in DM/Standards.

Sometimes You Have to Be Tough! -
Unbilled re-work is a profit robbing problem for printers. Nobody likes to charge to fix customer mistakes but sometimes you have to. The problem is that if the printer didn't tell the customer what do to in the first place, they can't really charge to fix problems the customer didn't understand. With DM/Standards as the basis on which prepress pricing is quoted, the printe